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Welcome to new website of Musquodoboit Valley Resource Supply Ltd.,

Our company began in September 1983 distributing engineered products to all resource based industries, over the years our focus has changes, now we concentrate on the sawmill industry and blueberry harvesting.

Small to medium sized business’s is our focus, it seems large multinational suppliers focus on equally large business, this is wonderful for us as we are quite happy to support the remaining markets.

We will provide links to our supplier’s websites here in the hopes you will explore all the tremendous products available to you through our company from these great people.

For the Blueberry market a list below of the components we provide:

All the bearings on the harvester, conveyors, and back rack, all the chain and Boston couplings, plastic cams, plastic conveyor belting and sprockets, brushes, plastic strips on the conveyors, picker bars, and more.

For the Sawmill market we provide:

All the saws, head saws, edger saws, trim saws, band saws, inserted teeth and shanks, carbide tips, all accessories for installing the tips and bits, chipper knives, counter knives, anvils, clamps, knife holders, bearings, roller chain and conveyor chains, sprockets, plastic wear strip and UHMW chanex, gearmotors and speed reducers, laser lights, saw cleaning fluids, Hud-Son portable sawmills, and more.


Musquodoboit Valley Resource Supply Ltd.,

PO Box 39, 465 Hwy 336,

Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, B0N 2M0

902-568-2755, Fax 902-568-2116, TF 1800-563-2755

E-mail dan@mvrs.ns.ca Website www.mvrsns.ca

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